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Red Deer Stud
The original initiative was forming a red deer rodeo importing the best genetics in the world, with the later goal of improving the existing red deer rodeos of Argentina. The activities started in 1995 and the first pedigree stags arrived in the winter of 1996. In 1997 we purchased 7 stags and 5 hinds, all pure from English origin. In the following years, English and Eastern Europe blood were also introduced allowing crossings that gave us excellent results..


Welcome to Estancia San Pedro

Estancia San Pedro is a 4800 hectare agricultural and stockbreeding farm located in the South-East of the Buenos Aires Province, on the northern slope of the Pillahuinco Sierras, part of the mountain range known as Sierra de la Ventana.

Estancia San PedroSettled between two valleys and crossed by clear water streams, Estancia San Pedro is a fertile, dark soil land, proper for the growing of wheat, oat, corn and sunflower, thanks to the distinct weather of the humid Argentine Pampa region that offers 39,5 inches rainfall per year. In our farm, the technology –powerful tractors, shredder for silage, mechanical watering systems and modern machinery – is linked to tradition: el gaucho, la doma (horse breaking), el lazo (bow) and el facón (knife), the typical Argentine estancia is combined with a booming agricultural and stock breeding enterprise.

Also home to Red, Fallow and Axis deer, black antelopes, Himalayan Thars, mouflon sheep, pure breed European wild boars, wild goats, wild rams, wild and multi-horned sheep, the farm is also a closed hunting lodge immersed in unmatching views.

Coto de cazaNational pioneer in the breeding and genetic improvement of red deer, Estancia San Pedro is currently the referent stud in terms of quality and health of the specie. We are permanently incorporating the best blood in the world to our livestock and supply the domestic market with studs as well as top quality international trophies.

You are welcome to go over the following pages where you’ll find information of our products, our services and other activities developed at Estancia San Pedro.

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