Criadero de ciervos Criadero de ciervos
Red Deer Stud
The original initiative was forming a red deer rodeo importing the best genetics in the world, with the later goal of improving the existing red deer rodeos of Argentina. The activities started in 1995 and the first pedigree stags arrived in the winter of 1996. In 1997 we purchased 7 stags and 5 hinds, all pure from English origin. In the following years, English and Eastern Europe blood were also introduced allowing crossings that gave us excellent results..



Required documentation  

  • Passport
  • Hunting permissions (Estancia San Pedro provides assistance)
  • Consulate authorization for temporary import of guns. This is accomplished by contacting the argentine consulate next to your residence, carrying passport and guns information.
  • Authorization to reimport your guns to your country.

No special vaccination required

The hunter should obtain their own insurance in their origin country covering risks of their hunt activities.

Climate and clothing

  • Though during the cold months warm clothes are essential, some warm clothing may be required at any time, for very early hunt activities.
    Water-proof clothing may be required at any time.
  • Spring: 21 September to 21 December.
    Average daytime temperature 20°c; nights 10°c.
  • Summer: 21 December to 21 March.
    Maximum daytime temperature 30°c, nights 20°c.
  • Autum: 21 March to 21 June.
    Average daytime temperature 18°c, nights 10°c.
  • Winter: 21 June to 21 September.
    Probability of snow during July. Maximum daytime temperature 15°c, minimum nights –7°c.



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