Hunting Lodge

A Unique Experience

We have an exclusive closed hunting range with unique characteristics in Argentina. Hunters from all over the world come to our establishment attracted by the superior quality of the red deer, fallow deer, himalayan tahr, mouflons, blackbuck, and a different mountain geography, aspects that make their hunts a unique and exciting experience.

As it has its own breeding operation, our hunting range guarantees the quality of the trophies where scores higher than 240 CIC are usual.

The adventure takes place on hills, canyons, rocky and steep mountain ranges, valleys and crystalline streams, 700 meters above sea level and in the middle of Argentina's pampas.

During the season of brama the climate in the zone is cold and snowfalls are common during the heart of the winter. However, the prize for passing through difficult terrain and enduring adverse weather is majestic: red deer with exceptional scores and magnificent specimens of fallow deer, axis deer, antelopes, Himalayan thar, european wild boar, mouflons, rams, four horned sheep and feral goats.

  • All-inclusive service
  • Transfers to and from Bahia Blanca airport
  • Professional Hunting Guide
  • Trophy Preparation and Shipping
  • Provision of Firearms and Ammunition (.300, .270, .308, 30-06, 7.65mm) (Additional cost)
  • Access to Sierra de la Ventana Golf Course (Additional Cost)
  • Red Deer: 3/1 to 7/31 (Winter)
  • Fallow Deer: 3/1 to 7/31 (Winter)
  • Axis Deer: All year round
  • Blackbuck: All year round
  • Tahr: 3/1 to 7/31 (Winter)
  • Mouflon: All year round
  • Wild boar: All year round
  • Four Horned Jacob Sheep: All year round
  • Feral Goat: All year round
  • Rams: All year round

We have all the services for a great hunting result, in addition, in a pleasant and comfortable stay. We lodge up to 6 hunters per turn in comfortable suites and personalized attendance.

The lodge is located in a beautiful and aged, four-hectare park, an ideal place to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and the beautiful views of the gardens.

In the lodge, meals prepared by the specialized staff of the Estancia are served, displaying autochthonous ingredients and where the famous Argentine barbecue, deer or wild boar meat is never missing. All meals and drinks are included in our rates, including first quality Argentine wines, imported whiskies and liquors and beers from different national brands.